Student Testimonials

Edison Grant 

Lead on Hulu's Endlings


"I’ve been taking acting classes and private lessons with Cody over the past 4 years and each time I learn something new. Cody has helped me become a better and more well-trained actor through his characterization coaching and his embodiment exercises."  

Brey Chanadet

68 Whiskey, Veep, Shameless

"I have been working with Cody a few years now and I have grown so much as an actor! He really helps me dive into the script and put “me” into the part. I would highly recommend Cody for your next audition!" 

Ella West Jerrier

Terror In The Woods

I've been fortunate to work with Cody for the last several years on character work and script study. He helped me prepare for a callback and director session that led to a lead in a movie. The preparation allowed me to walk onto set feeling confident and ready to go. 

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