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Cody offers weekly classes for all ages that can be taken from the comfort of your home. If you want to become a better T.V/Film, join his brand new classes!

October Classes


*NEW* "Character Transformation" Course With Cody Linley & Special Guest Joey Paul Jensen
October 6th- October 27th 4 consecutive classes)
Tuesdays  4:30 P.M. CST -6:30 P.M.  CST

Ages 8 + (12 student max)

Lessons include:

  • How to fully transform into characters that are different from your normal personality and sustain a believable, dynamic character time and time again.

  • Scene study, embodiment exercises, mask work, in character improv & more!

  • Final class with movie producer, casting director, & acting coach Joey Paul Jensen! Students will receive feedback from an expert in the entertainment business on their acting work + Q & A & more!

*NEW* Acting For Camera Kids Scene Study

Wednesday October 7th - October 28th                   ( 4 Consecutive classes)

4:30CST - 5:30 P.M. CST
Ages 5-8 $99.00 (12 student max)

Lessons include:

• How to perform T.V. & film scripts for camera.

• How to play different roles believably.

• How to raise the stakes in a scene using character goals & more!

*NEW* Acting For Camera Adult Scene Study

Thursday October 8th- October 29th ( 5 Consecutive classes)

5:00CST - 7:00 P.M. CST
Ages 18 + $199.00 (12 student max)

Lessons include:

• How to bring yourself to the role and perform T.V. & film scripts for camera.

• How to develop characters and make interesting choices that stand out.

• How to navigate the business of acting and all the tools you need to succeed & more!

Saturdays October 3rd- 24th (4 consecutive classes)
 1 P.M. CST- 2:30 CST $149.00 (12 student max)
Ages 8+
 Lessons include:

• How to use improv to enhance your scripted work.

• Fun team work scenes, exercises & games.

• Empowering storytelling opportunities & more!

Online Master Class With Cody Linley:
To sign up for class or for more details email
Testimonials Video Below

    The Online Master Acting Class With Cody Linley is a fun and imaginative approach to acting! This one of a kind method that Cody Linley has developed from a blend of the world’s top acting coaches will help actors maximize their presence on stage and on screen.


 Students will learn a physical and vocal warm up, the use of the neutral mask, unique embodiment exercises, image work, characterized improv’s and more! This is a very special and safe way to play extraordinary characters, creating nuance in your performances while staying emotionally free as an artist. With over three hours of video instruction and comprehensive worksheets that you can use time and time again the course is only $74.

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